How can I improve in handling people?

Let's say how can I be able to manage them well without being too strict or like that.


The fact that you want to improve is already a great start - well done! (The fact that you use the word "handle" is less 'good' - because people aren't meant to be handled - but I assume this is due to a language barrier and not intended).
A few words of advice:
1. Read the book "The 1 minute manager" - old, but very good and still relevant.
2. Learn from other managers that you think are good.
3. Watch Simon Sinek's talks on leadership.
4. Ask your employees what they need to succeed - listening to their needs doesn't make you soft.
5. If you're brave enough, every so often let them fill in an anonymous survey (online, for free - Google Docs for example) and give you a review - then improve on your weaker skills/qualities - it isn't easy to get criticism, but if you truly want to improve, you need to be constantly asking yourself and others: "How do I improve". We grow from feedback, not compliments...
6. Every few months, work in the position of your employees to see what they do and what they have to deal with - it will give you valuable information, humble you, and increase your sense of empathy and understanding.
I started off very "strict", but have since then softened a lot - it's about inspiring your employees to be the best they can, whilst serving as a role model, and giving them the tools + support + motivation that they need in order to succeed.

Good luck
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Answered 7 months ago

Great question - managing people can be hard but it is a very important skill to develop.

First off, knowing you need to improve in this and investing the time in research/learning is the first step.

You need to develop your own management style - think about managers or leaders you have worked with. Ask yourself what you liked about them and what made them difficult to work with. Which ones did you most respect? Why?

I personally think it's super important to lay out expectations (general, per project, timeline-related) as early on as possible - this will help set the stage and make sure all sides are onboard and aligned.

Remember that everyone you manage is a person with a complex life, situation, family, etc. behind them - try to be understanding like you would with someone you care about, while still supporting them toward reaching your mutual goals.

Happy to discuss and dive in further if relevant.

Answered 7 months ago

It is a wonderful query and I would like to do a SWOT before writing a solution. If I understand your weaknesses in handling people, I could suggest a few ways to improve your skills.

Answered 7 months ago

Humans are one of the most distinctive and difficult specie of mammals to handle and because of that you need to apply a-lot of diplomacy and tactfulness in dealing with one. Whether as a superior or a junior you have to respect everyones opinion and the individual in person. It's normal to find it difficult to handle people cause even professionals in Human Relation like myself sometimes gets it wrong. Am sorry I couldn't get to see this on time, we would have definitely gone a long way with that but you can always feel free to call for further guidance and approaches on the matter.
Meanwhile try and grab a copy of; "HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE" By Dale Carnegie For $12.99 on iBooks for a start, it'll give you a professional insight on the issue and try hit me up for further insights.
I hope my suggestions comes in handy to you, have a great weekend and remain blessed... Thanks For Reading This...

Answered 7 months ago

"Benevolent Dictatorship" is the best description that comes to mind.

Take in consideration all their perspectives and advice... but at the end of the day, when there's a decision to make it is yours to make and yours to be accountable for.

Good leaders (and managers) build consensus and get people onboard with their decisions long before those decisions are made. And for those team members that disagree, they know that most reasonable people understand are OK with the concept of "disagree and commit", so long as their opinion has bee nheard.

You don't need to worry about being too strict - you're their manager and they are adults, they understand how it works.

A couple of great books on the topic of management:
* 5 Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni.
* Leadership and the One Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard.

Both will give you structured frameworks for managing teams effectively.

Answered 7 months ago

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