During this time, as a small-start-up founder of an inspirational brand/devotional, I have to encourage, inspire and uplift others but what I found was I can only produce what I have allowed to come into my mind, my sight and my thinking.

That being said, maintain your mental health. Take one day at a time and don't let what's going on around you affect you. If you do, it will show in your work.

Some questions for you:
Have long/often do you watch the news?
Have you been putting off daily tasks you would normally do?
If so, you have allowed yourself to be consumed by what going on around you. My advice would be to limit the amount of news intake (only for an hour), work on some leadership skill so that you can influence you employees/viewers etc. in a more positive light.

Most importantly, have time for you.
-Open the shades
-Watch a movie
-Read a book
-Write a book
With so much distraction and discourse surrounding our country be aware that you are still alive and well and that your leadership skill is needed!

We can discuss more with a follow up call, if interested.

God bless,

Answered 18 days ago

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