If you were first starting on clarity, how would you go about gaining attraction to start of your clientele networking skills


Hello every one I am a doctor, persuing MS GENERAL SIRGERY in first I will gain attraction by giving advice on how to be successful in your life like I am a doctor,

I will advise on how to manage time with your studies,

I will advice on mental health if anyone is in depression with their life,

I would like to give advice on what u need to study,how to do smart work to achieve good scores in your exams.

I will also give emotional support and make you stronger than ever before cause I have experienced a lot in my life,

i can understand others feelings like I know how my patients feel with the pain.

I can teach how to be strong with your mind and health

I will also tell how to manage your obstacles in your life

Guys u can trust me as I am a doctor and u can also check my profiles
U can call me at whatever time u want I am available and feel free to call


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Answered 23 days ago

If I were starting from scratch on Clarity (or any platform), I would focus on building my reputation and attracting clients through the following strategies:

1. *Optimize my profile*: Complete and professional profile, highlighting my skills, expertise, and unique value proposition.

2. *Offer a unique perspective*: Share valuable insights, tips, and advice related to my area of expertise, showcasing my knowledge and thought leadership.

3. *Engage with others*: Actively participate in discussions, ask questions, and provide helpful responses to build relationships and establish myself as a supportive and knowledgeable community member.

4. *Collaborate with others*: Partner with complementary experts or influencers to expand my reach and build credibility through joint projects or initiatives.

5. *Provide exceptional service*: Deliver outstanding results and service to initial clients, encouraging them

Answered 17 days ago

First I would look around search for 10-100 questions and start answering questions... You want to be the expert. A lot of experts/coaches consultants know the industry but do not know how to build an online presence.. You want to be discovered..

Also to. start asking questions to get a response.. Sometimes and most times audiences helps experts on what pain points are in the industry..

How will people flow you if they don't know you...

Answered 15 days ago

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