ArticleAm I Lying or Just Being Optimistic?

Am I Lying or Just Being Optimistic?

The difference between being lying and optimism is often told in the outcome.

As Founders, we spend an inordinate amount of time telling stories about how the future of our startups MIGHT turn out. Often, those stories balance the line between being optimistic gestures of hope and a sordid tale of deceit.

When we tell our customers we'll be able to deliver a product we don't have the personnel to deliver (yet), are we lying? When we stand anxiously in front of investors boasting that we'll become a billion-dollar unicorn, are we misleading them? And when we recruit someone to leave their high-paying job to work for an idea we've barely proven, are we betraying their trust?

This is the moral dilemma we face as Founders every day while we con...

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