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Building a kickass company culture takes more than putting a ping pong table in the lobby. Learn how to create a work environment nurtures productivity and gets your team fired up to come into the office.


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by The Startups Team

Why team diversity matters – and how you can build diversity into your company’s DNA from day one.


by Paula Cizek

"If you want to be in business forever, you need to build a culture that sustains the business"





Comprehensive, guided courses how to validate your idea, acquire your first customers and secure funding

Companies live and die by the culture they create. Learn how to set the DNA for your company culture from day one.


Kim Malone Scott reveals how the culture you create can set your company up for success—or sink it.


Learn how to harness your board as a strategic asset for startup success from VC and veteran Board of Director expert Brian Ascher.




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