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How do startups actually get funded? We’ll take you through everything you could possibly want to know, from what funding options are available, to finding investors, and crafting the perfect pitch.




Learn through comprehensive, guided playbooks how to validate your startup idea, acquire your first customers, secure funding and more.


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Hand-curated advice from startup Founders on every aspect of starting a company.

by Emma McGowan

A comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about private investors for startups and small businesses.


by The Startups Team

Finding and getting venture capital for your startup can be daunting. Where do you start? Here’s how to find and get venture capital for your startup.


by Ryan Rutan

Learn about the different stages of series seed funding from Series A funding, to Series B, and eventually Series E funding including: the process, structure, requirements, average payout amounts & more.





Comprehensive, guided courses how to validate your idea, acquire your first customers and secure funding

You're standing in front of a crowd, they're waiting for you to speak—now what? Nancy Duarte reveals the secret to the perfect pitch.


Learn the real secret to what investors look for in a company from someone who knows: veteran investor Ullas Naik.


Learn the ins and outs of the seed fundraising process, from perfecting your pitch to the dynamics of convertible notes.




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