ArticleCan a Founder Take a Sabbatical?

Can a Founder Take a Sabbatical?

Sometimes a vacation isn't enough — we need a hard reset.

The game we play as Founders has massive costs to our emotional, mental and physical well-being, so thinking we can replenish all of what's lost in a "sweet trip to Mexico" is almost certainly not going to do the trick. What we need is a full life reset — we need a sabbatical.

We almost never hear the term "sabbatical" mentioned in any part of the startup universe and there's a good reason — we're way too needed at our startup! et it's that very notion that prevents us from ever replenishing our reserves, which are the very thing we need to effectively build our startup.

What Does a Startup Sabbatical Look Like?

Our sabbaticals don't have to be a ridiculous amount of time off — they ...

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