ArticleRisk it All vs Steady Paycheck

Risk it All vs Steady Paycheck

Is it better to risk it all for a big outcome or count on a steady paycheck to create wealth?

Having watched tens of thousands of Founders live through the answer to this question, I can tell you it comes down to 3 related factors — our age, our earning potential, and our exit options.

When we answer this question, we often subconsciously fill in some of those values in our minds. So perhaps we say, "The paycheck is better!" because we're thinking about a 45-year-old professional making $300,000 per year.

But when we say, "The big outcome is what matters!" we might be only considering that risk for a 28-year-old without a mortgage or kids. Either way, the conditions drive the argument, so let's talk about those.

It Depends on Our Age

Risk i...

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