ArticleThe Goal is NOT to be a Startup

The Goal is NOT to be a Startup

Being a startup shouldn't be a goal, it should be a milestone we're doing everything to get beyond.

As it happens, a "startup" is just the formative years of our existence. And while the term itself is rife with excitement, it really masks our true ambition which is to become a plain ol' "company" without the "startup" in front of it.

It's perfectly fine for us to revel in our startup years, but in the back of our minds, as Founders, we should be thinking "How quickly can I stop being a startup?" and work our tails off to drop that title as soon as possible.

Startups are Sexy - at First

To be fair, being labeled a "startup" is sexy as hell at first. We're associated with wildly important terms like "growth", "opportunity" and "big outcomes"...

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