ArticleWhat I Would Have Told My Former Self

What I Would Have Told My Former Self

I often picture this Marty McFly moment where I'm sitting across from my 18-year-old self, this skinny pimply-faced kid who thought he could start an Internet company, and trying so hard to impart the wisdom that cost me decades to share.

It makes me wonder whether there could have been a directional shift if only someone was helpful enough to provide just the right advice at just the right time. It's what I've dedicated my whole life to in helping my fellow Founders, but still, I wonder if I could have helped myself.

If I only had three things I could tell this young fool — what would I say, and how do I think he would have taken it?

Lesson 1: "You have 50 Years"

I never realized how much time you really have to make an impact. When I was ...

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