ArticleWhen do Founders Get a Raise?

When do Founders Get a Raise?

For some reason, Founders are incredibly "shy" about giving themselves a raise.

It's odd really because we are responsible for looking out for the futures of so many other people, yet we often shortchange ourselves when it comes to our own needs. The reality is, our raises tend to come last, and in many cases, not at all.

So when is the appropriate time to pull ourselves aside and award that long-overdue raise?

Balancing Salary Versus Distribution

For many of us, the default answer on when our salary goes up (or down) is based on our ongoing Net Income. If we make more money, we take some home. If we lose a bunch, well, those credit card balances and Home Equity lines just keep growing... and growing...

That said, basing all of our "salary...

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