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General Manager of Pro-Ject International Management & Engineering Consultants,
Head of Strategy - Meri fashion World

Founder/Operations & strategy Adviser at In-Ject Financing and Credit (a private lending establishment) with experience spanning from conception (idea stage) to completion (a fully operational and profitable business) across several industries (crowdfunding platform, radio station, travel agency, concrete blocks factory) highly specialized In International Management from IAE - France and Financial Management - RSM - the Netherlands. A Sworn Valuation Expert in Lebanon.
Having held several positions in the Real Estate and Banking Sector with the last as Head of the Credit Division in a Financial Institution member of a Major Lebanese Banking Group.
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Hope this answer finds you well and Safe,
This is certainly a good, scalable and sustainable idea, that can be monetized in several ways and through different strategies, however, these strategies, their timing and implementation are subject to several variables, of which, the different products, their segmentation, the platform, the market, and maturity of the project.
To better advise you, it would be great to know where you are now in the project, at what stage, and the resources you have allocated for it.
Should you choose to take it further, I can assist you, all the way from where you currently are , till monetization and beyond, through analysis, marketing and business development strategies, monetization, market penetration and more.
And I decreased the call cost to about 2$/min
Good luck 👍

A good start would be, for you to share with us what each of you ladies has experience in (industry applications, markets ... ) And your target market (expected country of operations....) And what would be the expected funding allocated for your project and operations. Any previous experience in working together as a team? What challenges have you faced?...
I am a management consultant with more than 10 years of experience across many industries (both online and offline) and providing consulting both on a national and international level and at all levels of projects' timeline from idea stage to maturity.
And only with enough information would we be able to schedule an effective and satisfactory call.

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