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My passion lies in helping tech companies and entrepreneurs grow their business more effectively and efficiently to drive sales as well as increased revenue.

I also run a sales funnel agency, information product business (we launched our first course on SEO driven content marketing) and I coach businesses in a virtual CMO role to help them grow.

I hold specialized certifications in the areas of Inbound Marketing, Paid Search (Google Search/AdWords & Bing Ads), Google Advertising, Google Display, Video Ads, Analytics, Content Marketing, Customer Value Optimization, Digital Testing, Community Management, Customer Acquisition Funnels and Facebook Ads which enables me to bring businesses the most efficient and effective techniques.

I am also a trainer and educator in the areas of Sales Funnels, Paid Advertising (Facebook, Google, Bing & Linkedin) as well as Content Marketing.

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The biggest thing you can do is spend time prospecting. If you're deal cycle is 6 months, you need to be filling up a +$10 million pipeline in order to close $4 million over the course of the next 10 months.

That means lots of prospecting, keeping prospects engaged while they make their decision and handle internal processes (typically a marketing automation system handles this) and ideally partnering with companies that can bring you leads through referral to drop down that deal cycle from 6 months.

If you look at it as a funnel, it would look something like this:

Cold call/email/traffic >> lead >> prospect >> segment >> sales process >> deal cycle >> close/re-segment

Typically this would look something like this in a well oiled company:

Cold call/email/traffic >>10%>> lead >>20%>> prospect >> segment >>15% qualified>> sales process >>20%>> deal cycle >>30%>> close/re-segment (this close could take 3 months or up to 12 months)

If you reverse calculate it, to get 1 closed deal in this funnel, you'd need 555 leads.

Assuming your average deal size is $50k, you can spend $90 to acquire a lead in that scenario or $9 per click/hit on a lead capture page.

To scale to $4 million in that funnel, you'd need to drive 44,400 leads, assuming the $50k average deal size is an annual license.

Your numbers will be different, but based on the initial scenario, the key for you will be having sales people out there prospecting and driving some serious lead volume through marketing.

So you'll need:
- A solid cold sales process (script/email/funnel)
- A REALLY good qualification process for prospect to sales process
- Some good lead gen focused marketing setup (Facebook/Linkedin/Google ads are your best bet in conjunction with software directories like Capterra)
- A good lead capture landing page to convert people into leads that you can try to prospect


12 strategies I use in the technology space. Content marketing, guest blogging and guest podcasting will do well for you. All allow you to access traffic sources that can drive customers and revenue.

MachineZone's Game of War is an excellent example.

Others are basically any Zanga or SuperCell game. Most mobile games need to have a very high k-factor to survive with the current cost of acquisition.

Betalist and similar startup "launch" sites house a pretty updated list of software-based products that are being built. Betalist in particular is for beta level software projects, so at the point when they'd be looking for these types of solutions.

Hi there,

I'm going to assume based on numbers and that you can't pay a salary to yourself at $165k in revenue that you're working with an ecommerce business or some type of business that has a hard cost to what you're selling.

You have a good growth rate so far. But let's shift focus towards getting your business into a place where you can make it a full-time gig.

A key here will be turning your existing customers into repeat customers and increasing their lifetime value. If you're an ecommerce business, this means upselling them into products that compliment their past purchase. If you are in some other product space, it's offering them a higher value upsell to increase their value.

A great example of doing this in ecommerce is with super food companies. These stores sell dehydrated or freeze dried super foods in packages, and their upsell is to go from a one-time purchase into a subscription. When they have someone on a 3-month, 6-month or 12-month subscription, they've effectively increased that customer's value by 3x, 6x or 12x.

That means if you have $165k coming in this year from all new customers, moving into something subscription based could push that revenue from $165k into $495k, 990k or $1.188m.

Assuming subscription is possible with your product. If it is not possible, then you will want to increase the number of repeat purchasers.

Selling them into products that compliment their past purchases can get you into doubling or tripling a customers value if you are selling products of equal or greater value.

I hope this helps, but I'd love to learn more about your business and what you are actually selling.

If you're interested in talking to me further, send me a message on Clarity!

Go the CDN route. It is often cheaper and to create the same speed presence across multiple countries is very costly.

That being said if you have an extreme budget and the need (if you run a very large website/application) then by all means go the route of creating your own presence across multiple countries.

As a personal recommendation, I always use MaxCDN. It is low cost and has great performance.

Here is their network coverage: https://www.maxcdn.com/network/

If you search "MaxCDN coupon" on Google you get a link that takes 25% off the prices you see on the site.

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