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Creative entrepreneur. I help innovative companies tell stories that matter. Select Clients: Google, Fidelity, Hubspot, Prudential. Featured In: Fast Company, Entrepreneur, The Muse, Travel and Leisure, Charlotte Observer.

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First, congratulations on launching your curated newsletter! That's an amazing step, and you should pat yourself on the back.

There are a few different tactics you can take to get people to subscribe to your newsletter. I recommend applying all of them and seeing what sticks.

1. Locking an enticing, enriching piece of content and requiring sign-up for access to the doc.

2. Engaging with your target audience on social media — consistency is key here.

3. Publishing for online magazines that fit your ideal reader to broaden your reach on wider platforms.

I would love to give you more insights about each of these tactics (especially the third). There are some definite "do's and don'ts" when pitching publications — I would be happy to offer you some insights during a call.

As a consultant and writer, I need to juggle a lot of different deadlines and demands. I've found that the best app for me is Asana. It's customizable, so I can adapt it to every project while maintaining a cohesive calendar with all of my deadlines.

That said, I also pair Asana with an old-fashioned notebook and pen. Instead of writing to-do lists, I write have-done lists. At the end of the day, I benefit from a clear picture of what I've accomplished that day — it allows me to step away from my work with a clear mind, knowing that I've tackled a fair number of projects.

If you need help managing your projects, feel free to reach out for my input. I've written about productivity for Fast Company, Inc. and Entrepreneur — I would love to share more thoughts with you.

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