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Vincent Polisi is a real estate investor and coach and Internet entrepreneur. He has extensive experience in Commercial and Residential Real Estate Investment, Sales and Finance, Cost Segregation, 1031 Exchanges, TICs, Land Trusts, Taxation, Financial Planning, Asset Protection, Estate Planning, REITs, Hedge Funds, Investment Grade Permanent Insurance, Wealth Preservation, Legacy Planning, Presentations, Consultative Selling, High Level Negotiation, Developing and working with Accredited Investors, Raising Capital, R&D Tax Credits, Taxable Variable Rate Credit Enhanced Revenue Bonds for Commercial Development Financing

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100+ unit Apartment Buildings.

With the ever increasing mortgage lending guidelines disqualifying an estimated 80+ percent of the U.S. population, America is fast becoming a renter nation. This is why guys like Robert Kiyosaki, Grant Cardone, etc., are bullish on apartments. Ridiculous financing can be negotiated with Fannie Mae on non-recourse loans to maximize leverage and cash flow. With the right properties, cost segregation can immediately increase cash flow and ROI.
100+ unit apartment buildings can offer a great return on a collateralized investment and fantastic tax advantages. This is why our current posture is looking solely for these types of properties.

I have to agree with Jake Peters. The best answer is AWS if you're comfortable with running LAMP stack servers, relational database servers, elastic load balancers, auto-scaling, etc., which requires a ton of knowledge, especially the way AWS is setup.

For simplicity, Heroku is unquestionably the best option if you'd prefer to spend your time working on marketing your app than learning the ins and outs of how AWS is setup because you'll be forced to learn things like:

What's an EC2 Instance?
What's an RDS Instance?
What are Elastic IPs?
What's IAM?
What's an ELB?
What's an AMI?
What's a bucket and more importantly, a bucket policy?
Am I using the right kernel?

I can go on and on. AWS provides the most flexible, scalable and robust portfolio of services and options, all at your control, but there's a learning curve, for sure.

Once you get comfortable with AWS, you will never want anything else. This is why Netflix, Pinterest, Instagram and a host of others use AWS.

Heroku will help you cut the learning curve and get your app up and running so you can spend time on the most important part of app development: marketing.

You can't trust anyone with intellectual property. If your concept is truly novel, anyone you show it to needs to sign a NDA (non-disclosure agreement).

From there, depending on the product, you want to document and date the invention by applying for patent pending status with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office).

You'll need an intellectual property or patent attorney to do this correctly.

If you're bootstrapping and low on cash, you're going to need to find an angel investor who can fund this.

The easiest way to get VC funding is to put together a professional prospectus and presentation and then present the product (after execution of NDAs) to companies with similar or complementary product lines.

Once you have legitimate interest from a company, you can easily get VC funding if necessary.

Alternatively, you can always go the crowdfunding route with something like Kickstarter.

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