Henry SheykinTOP 5% Business Planner and Financial Modelers

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TOP 5% Business Planner and Financial Modelers.
TOP 10% Excel expert.
TOP 10% at UpWork tests

The majority of my work applies to financial projections.

As experienced CFO I'm willing to provide business owners and managers with professional financial expertise that a part time CFO can deliver remotely.

Frankly, I'm TOP 5% in financial projections.

I possess extensive experience in:

✔ Financial modelling and forecasting
✔ Investment analysis (NPV, IRR, CAPM, DCF)
✔ Budgeting & Cost controlling
✔ Business valuation
✔ Financial analysis
✔ Dynamic dashboards

I will be glad to offer my help.




"Henry was a life-saver. I needed a person capable of building a very challenging financial model involving monte carlo simulation for my client.

I needed someone to build the model and deliver it on a short time frame. Henry was able to do the majority of the work for a project for which I billed USD 30,000. That speaks to his skill.

That I trusted him to complete this project on a short time frame speaks to both the level of skill he proved to me and to his professionalism. Henry worked long hours to do this work every day, without break, for 1-2 weeks. If he was not available, I frankly do not know what I would have done. I might have spent more money; I might have done the whole project myself."

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