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The Luckiest Entrepreneur:

R F Thompson has “Retired” 3 times and counting. The Luckiest Entrepreneur is Mr. Thompson’s Unique Selling Proposition. Dedicated to helping businesses succeed. Previously he was known as a New York State Town Justice, Engineer and Telecommunications Expert. His exposures include Fisher-Price, United Technologies, JetBlue, Albert Einstein Medical Center, plus hundreds of companies and institutions.

He started his first consulting firm focusing on multi-location businesses where he engaged over 400 successful leaders. These leaders were the catalyst to his seeking an understanding of what makes a person a success. Along the way, Thompson has had his hand involved in over 26 different companies.

R F Thompson has been a guest speaker/lecture on communications, sales, and entrepreneur success at various universities including RIT, Canisius College and Drexel. One of Mr. Thompson’s proudest engagement was being the keynote speaker for the Bankers Association of New York City after Hurricane Sandy. It showed them how entrepreneurs can be helped by using The Luckiest Business System in developing a successful start-up or turn around.

As a judge, Thompson developed a domestic violence victims program along with Kiwanis International. The program helps women and children “Get Through the Night” with food and gas cards when in crisis. As judge, he also was trained in Veterans’ Court.

R F Thompson is a believer, as the Luckiest Entrepreneur, that success comes from learning something new, each year, out of your comfort zone. Thompson is no stranger to getting his hands dirty either, albeit under the wing of a commercial airliner, drilling a well, overhauling a land based electric generator, completing taxes in the inner city, helping the SBA during disasters, being a certified in NYS mediation, or assisting with asset protection for businesses; all allow him to be the Luckiest Entrepreneur.

Luck is where preparation meets opportunity - Seneca

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First rule of Marketing a Non-Profit;
The only thing you can say to volunteers is "Thank You!"

Find your organizations Champion and have them contact radio stations, SBA, seminars, Kiwanis, Chamber of Commerce and speak.

Develop Your;
- 100 Year Goal; What will your organization be after you are gone
- Mantra; 3-4 words that are the core of your business
- Unique Selling Proposition / USP

Then once you have these completed, all for Free, then you can entice groups/people, to help fund your causes (ie Kiwanis donates a fund raiser to support your marketing for the year)

- Luckiest Entrepreneur

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