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Companies hire me to help them implement NorthStar to get breakout growth like Dropbox, Airbnb & Spotify. I have exclusively used digital marketing and growth hacking to build my own business to world-leading status. In the last 15 years I have done business with over 450 companies. My following is 24K across all social networks. There is a difference between knowing how to do something and actually doing it. I execute. In recent years I have started to share what I know about digital marketing with both my clients and competitors. Digital strategy and the bigger picture is where I thrive! My biggest win recently was working with a fragmented global group of executive, development, design & marketing teams of an online OTA . Guiding their teams in the growth process, I was able to build a unified testing procedure that everyone bought into and agreed upon. We were able to improve their performance by 2.5 seconds which, according to Google should result in $ 105,108 in potential annual revenue impact. My ideal client Is a company who is open to implementing a digital growth process. I desire opportunities to deepen my skills in digital marketing and growth hacking skills. LANGUAGES English, Read/Write/Speak French very rustily, I speak a little Thai. Kaw poot Thai dai nit noi. LIKES Skiing, Golfing, Paddleboarding, Deep Sea Fishing, Yoga to keep me mentally & physically in shape.

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I have a mixture of all the the answers previously but the bottom line is the best growth strategy is to implement a growth process. As Sean Ellis said, "No individual growth hacker or even a growth team can outperform a company where everyone is mobilized to accelerate growth." One opinion and one action won't create growth, it is rather a mixture of first analyzing and testing EVERYTHING. Qualitative AND Quantitative questions.

You can take a free growth assessment here To find out what level you are at and then it will tell you where you need to focus first based on your answers.

At the very least, set up your profile on the biggest social networks, that are relevant to your audience. Have professional pictures done of yourself. Create a consistent backdrop across all of them. Have a look at mine as an example. Share about posts that are related to your products/services or curated articles around your products. You want to be human, show a little of yourself so that people can fall in love with you persona. I've built a following of over 24K on all the networks I am active on over the past 9 years. As a growth hacker, of course I will tell you to set up tests so that you can measure what works for your audience and what doesn't. You learn by testing and observing. Good luck!

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