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Offer the product or service for free to one person. Run an online campaign and ask people to sign up with their emails and phone numbers. If your product or service is good, per lead should cost between $1-$3. You can bring the cost down to 60-70 cents if your online campaign is brilliant. Now collect 200,300 or 1000 thousand emails and phone numbers based on your budget.
Then choose a winner and let every participant know that someone has really won.
Then start your email campaign. Because of the nature of the campaign, you know that all of these people really desire a product or service like the one you offer. All they need is a little push and reminders to make the purchase.
1. Send them more information about the product. Try to focus on the problem it solves. Your product sounds like a robot vacuum. Tell them how troublesome it is to vacuum a large house. How much time silly chores take away from life (in your case, from golfing, hunting, fishing etc.)
2. Keep a track of how many are you converting with each new communication.
3. Follow up buyers with service information and new offers so that they refer your products to family and friends.
4. People who have not yet bought, hit them with more and more useful information about the problem your product solves.
Try this and thank me later :)

You need a person with two kinds of expertise:
1. Who can run meaningful traffic to your website
2. Who can read user behavior while this meaningful traffic is browsing your website
Let me elaborate, driving traffic to a website is easy in a way but you want potential customer flow and exclusion of random traffic. So, target audience profiling is critical.
Secondly, user behavior will clearly suggest which company is someone is looking at. You want to sell banana to someone who has been checking different bananas in the market.
Someone who keeps a tight marketing cycle, hire them.

1. I would recommend having your own website for for writing these blogs. Also, try to have a booking or appointment option on your website so that people can see a clear "call to action" when they are on your website.
2. At the same time, make sure you publish these blogs as articles on LinkedIn.
3. Answer some related questions on the subject matter on Quora, Reddit, and Twitter and be very unselfish about it.
4. Scheduling free calls on Clarity is also a very good idea. Start consulting for free and before you know it, you will get paid customers through these channels.
5. If you have the budget, make vlogs on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube about your investment success stories or winning formulas.
I hope these help! Thank you!

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