Audrie AsteburyAward-winning brand and business strategist.

As an award-winning strategist, I up-level the executive experience. I partner with key stake-holders and top decision makers to infuse their organization with the framework to effectively tap into their marketplace, scale efficiently and increase revenue. CEO of The Raleigh Company, Inc., a business advisory agency committed to empowering entrepreneurs. Host of the iTunes and Google Play podcast series, The Propel Show empowering entrepreneurs to thrive. Former corporate officer for Bank of America where I succesfully managed a portfolio of an est. $800 million in high visibility projects and team of 50 - 100 associates. Former board member of the Bank of America Los Angeles Executive Regional Council. Member of Board of Directors for National Non-Profit, Kids Enjoy Exercise Now for 5 years prior to re-locating across country. I have received several awards and commendations from: Best of Award for Branding Strategy Best of Award for Business Optimization and Client Experience from Fortune 100 Firm The White House, Obama Administration Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti Senator Sharon Runner Assembly Member Mike Gatto Assembly Member Chris Holden Fiona Ma of The CA Governors Office Graduate of The University of Southern California I am also a national keynote speaker.

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Hello! Chiming in on questions featured on Clarity is a great boost to positioning yourself as a trusted advisor and authority in the space you represent. I would suggest doing a quick bandwidth review of your current commitments to determine if you can re-shift or re-prioritize in an effort to block out at least an hour to answer questions on Clarity. Answering questions here can help open the door to converting the question lead into a client.

If you would like information on how to best complete a bandwidth review, I am happy to provide additional insight. Cheers!

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