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Master Coach for Personal and Professional transformation, Owner five small businesses (Six over 19years), government contract negotiation, peak performance, neuro-linguistic programming, B2B Sales trainer for fortune 500 & 100 companies and Mobility Sales. Master Facilitator/Speaker at Anthony Robbins Master University.. Master/Platinum Coach & Mastery Trainer with Robbins Research. Certified Coach through NBCC & ICF. Have worked with start-ups at all phases from initial concept through all rounds to IPO. Executive assessments from DISC to PI to Spiral Dynamics to ensure the right team fit.

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This is not a STRATEGY topic... it's 100% your psychology. We all, every one of us, face fear in our lives. We face obstacles and opposition. Its only when you can create an empowering meaning from that opposition that you use it as fuel. When a business fails you choose to look at it as an end, or a beginning. You can look at an economic crash as ruin, or opportunity!

The key is it is up to you to choose the meaning and let Fear Freeze you or Fuel you. time and time again people have chosen to turn FEAR into POWER. There is a science to this. It has to do with taking control of specific elements of your mental and emotional state. It even incorporates the Physical. It is what allowed injured olympic athletes to throw themselves into the fight one more time and win the gold. It allowed men to face opposition and death and overcome and win. It has everything to do with the meaning we give our problems.

I'm not saying the story isn't real. I'm saying you have to choose how to face the reality. A good read: Mankind's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl - will give you a new perspective.

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