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Hi, I love helping people out. I was earlier a part of Zwerl, but now I’ve not been accessing the platform much. I am experienced in handling mathematics and English related questions and can help with creative writing or essays as I’m an author myself.

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Take short breaks every 1 hour or so. You could go for a cup of coffee or just take a bathroom break. If your office is in an area where you can enjoy greenery or take a stroll, you can always go for one. In fact, I encourage you to. When we walk, endorphins are released which relieves our stress. If these still don't work, maybe you need a change of atmosphere. You could ask your supervisor to change your cubicle, or ask to be assigned to a different project. You could even try your hand at something else, if your work permits you to. You could call me if you need more tips to overcome this situation.

Talent management refers to the recruiting, training, retaining and enhancing or rescinding part of the hiring process. There is a good deal of supervision required once the new joinee has been recruited in the job role. Whereas, a talent agent only acquires the talent from multiple sources. As such, a person involved in Talent management is paid more in most cases.

I wake up every morning and I exercise, I then drink a glass of lukewarm water with lemon and honey. These things help me rejuvenate and feel like I have made a good start to the day. I try to avoid sleeping during the day in order to feel more active. I try to sleep early at the same time everyday. This ensures discipline and positivity in my life. I try to write and read everyday to increase my vocabulary and knowledge.

By avoiding cliches, stereotypes. Your story should seem more original rather than only focusing on a happy ending.

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