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It’s pretty simple really, what you need to do is first determine who your customer is (by that I mean the person actually responsible for buying your solution).

Once you’ve done this contact people in your networks that you know who could be ‘the customer’ and pitch them the concept and assess the feedback and take if from there.

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Start with Adkins yourself the question “what problems can I solve?”.

This is the fundamental approach to designing products, look around your room, look for things that could be better and start there.

Don’t be concerned about practicalities yet, just focus on looking to making a better ‘thing’.

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Firstly it all comes from passion within you.

Creating a business is alot of hard work and without the fire of passion burning inside you the chances of making a success is slim at best, regardless what your start up will be.

Your passion will get you through the long days, the frustration, the endless challenges that you have to face and the problems you will need to solve to get the business to launch stage.

Latest data reveals that 90% of startups fail within the first year. Out of the 10% that do only 5% of those last 5 years. Years ago it used to be 70% of startups fail but because of the internet this has shot up to 90%.

So before you even start thinking about startup ideas think deeply about what your passionate about and from there you can come up with ideas based on your passions that solve a problem or need.

I hope this helps you.

Pete Burrows | Creative Consultant

Brilliant question!

When it comes down to it it’s all about communicating your unique ‘value’ to who you’re engaging with.

We are in an age whereby you can in theory lean anything thanks to the internet and this has de-valued the perception of expertise and one of the best ways to combat this is prove you’re the real deal - an expert!

Wherever possible communicate your experi NEC and knowledge. A great way is case studies, you know - challenge, solution, benefit (outcome).

I hope this helps you - Let me k ow how you get on.

There's no guarantees that any new app will be successful, but one way is to test the app with a closed customer group and get feedback. You also have to look at how your app is going to make you money.

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One way is to show it to your target market (specific customer) and get feedback and then take that feedback and develop the idea further. This is a low risk and cost option to test your business idea.

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It all starts with what problem can you solve.

The most successful businesses have all identified a problem and created a unique solution that solves this and monetorised this.

Talk to me if you would like to know more.

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