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I'm a 2X VP of Sales for SaaS Startups and a Go to Market sales operator scaling teams to 100% growth YoY and multiple funding rounds and acquisitions. I'm currently a VP of Sales for Okendo, a DTC SaaS company for high growth eCommerce companies. I've also been featured on and HubSpot.

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My first question is, what CRM are you using? Salesforce?

You need to create a funnel that illustrates new lead (hot or cold) all the way to paying client.

So if you're in SaaS, I also assume you have some sort of demoing of your software.

A pipeline can be, new lead > prequalied > demo given


new lead > following up > prequalified > demo given > paid subscriber

You need to define what a demo given is, what a prequalified lead is etc. If you need help, let me know.

I've been waiting for a question like this since this is exactly my area of expertise (look at my profile to learn why).

It's a bit difficult to give you specific action items to follow since your question is a bit vague/missing some context.

Building out a sales process starts on the marketing front because that's where you generate leads. Sales too can help, but cold calling only accounts for 1% of a company's revenue (not a lot).

Do you do any FB ads? You should generate leads by driving traffic to your app via FB ads. You should offer your product for free for 6 months to drive a lot of traffic. Allow people to sign into the software for FREE for 6 months as long as their credit card is on file (that way you can auto charge them after 6 months).

Then you need to have a CRM that captures these leads and salespeople to call these inbound leads. You need to have a process in place for them. They should call a lead 7-14 times before putting disqualifying them.

I would love to learn more and maybe shed some more light if you'd like to speak.

Here's the thing - we get excited by saying "if we cast a wide net, we're bound to get a bunch of clients along the way."

This is flawed thinking now-a-days because everyone is doing everything and everything is saturated.

I rather be a big fish in a small pond VS a small fish in a big pond.

The more niche you go the more specific your marketing campaigns can be. If you go broad, your ad spend will be expensive b/c you will be target a handful of different demographics. This will be extremely expensive.

Niche niche niche is like location location location in real estate.

Please do not make the mistake of going broad.

You have a choice of standing out with either these options:
1. Branding
2. You have a slight edge

I think web hosting is incredibly saturated, unless you have something nobody else has but everyone wants - do you?

If not, you should be focusing on pricing, branding, and security. I would also focus on partnerships with other website builders.

Offer an added service/value for free when someone chooses you. Do you offer 1 month of free website consultation? do you offer free logo design? Add something of value so that people can kill 2 birds with one stone.

Thank you for posting your question.

I took a look at the site and to be honest, it was difficult for me to understand the problem you solve. I started scrolling through your site to get a better idea, which is not a good indicator.

I would make it extremely clear about what you do and what problem you solve.

If your target audience is Founders, startups, etc, then you need to be targeting them where they hang out.
1. Linkedin - #1 social media platform for b2b. I would start posting insightful content, that leads back to your brand, on Linkedin, daily.
2. Connect with people linkedin, minimum 20 new connections a day. Use the search bar and type in either: Founder, CEO, COO, CMO, Co-Founder and start connecting with each one of them.
3. Once you're connected, send them a short DM with something that you're offering that is literally 100% valuable to them.
4. Go to and and look up the companies that are posting new jobs. Find the name of the CEO/Founder on Linkedin and message them.
5. Consider doing Linkedin ads
6. Network at Meetups

The strategy that you'll need to implement is long-form. The only short form strategy you have/can do is advertising. If you have the budget, run with it, if not, then take my advice above.

From my understanding, you're looking for a social media manager platform - like a Buffer or Hootsuite? HubSpot is more known for it's CRM functionalities - I haven't plaid with their scheduler.

You said you're pushing heavy on the videos - are you posting videos?

FB gives more "points" to video content that is created and shared on FB. Their algorithms favor native content VS shared.

I use Buffer - mostly for its simplicity and ease of use. Hootsuite isn't bad either - I've used both platforms, but what kinks are you trying to fix right now? Depending on that, one platform may be strong for what you need to fix than the other.

What have you been using up to this point? Curious to know. Also, why are you looking for a social media management platform now?

Hope this helps.

Ideas are a dime a dozen (I'm sure you've heard that enough times). Ideas cannot be patented so you're left with a choice to execute on your own or share it with guidance.

An immediate action item would be to:
1. Create an NDA (you can find templates of these, just fill in the blanks).
2. Vet the consultant.

Keep in mind, people are working on their own idea and own thing, adding yours to their mix may complicate things and is unlikely to be stolen.

Another point which is super important, execution far exceeds ideas. Knowing what to do with something that you have is a lot more difficult than you think. Listen, don't spend so much time on whether or not an idea will be stolen because you really only have 2 options:

1. Tell someone that can help with a chance for them to steal it or not.
2. Keep it private, which will lead to nothing happening at all.

Hope this helps!

This is interesting, right? Because your target audience may not necessarily be part of this tech wave and are on Amazon ordering stuff. These groups of people are "old school" in their purchase personality. They probably look into catalogs, read the mail that they receive, etc.

I would recommend:
1. Doing product placement in your local golf, hunting, fishing stores. Maybe do a 50% split with them.
2. Using mailers to send out. USPS has the option of you sending them brochures and they would drop it off in peoples' mailboxes - you get to choose the radius, etc.
3. The older demographic (elderly retired men) actually use FB the most as a social media platform. I would do a geo-targeted ad campaign on Facebook with the age range of >50 | Hobbies include: fishing, hunting, golfing. You can even add a criteria in Facebook ads to include peoples' interest in shows/movies/etc. I'm sure there are fishing shows that people watch so you can include that too. Then spend $100 a week on ads and A/B test them.
4. Partner up with local real estate agents somehow and see if you can work out some cross-marketing strategy - would be interesting to see.

First and foremost, telemarketing only accounts for 2% of a companies revenue. It's not scalable by itself. I made 72,000 calls in 12 months in the real estate and insurance industry. Cold calling worked, but not by itself.

There are six avenues you can take, including what you're currently doing:
1. Telemarketing
2. SEO Content writing targeting keywords
3. Create a click funnel and launch it on social platforms that agents hang around. You can also test out FB ads.
4. Networking - there are a ton of networking events that REO agents attend - this is more of a long-form approach, but should be done.
5. Google Ads PPC - you need someone that knows what they're doing here, but you're probably competing with a ton of other companies.
6. Social selling - use social networks to DM agents offering your service for "free" for a limited period of time OR ask them to evaluate it and get feedback.

There is no one method for generating MORE leads. I would like to know more about your service so I can get you better answers.

Essentially, are you looking for someone to just sell your product?

The first thing that comes to mind is checking out

What exactly is the site - I checked it out, but couldn't make sense of it off the bat. I even typed up my website and had no results. If you'd like we can talk more about this and see how I can help.

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