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I offer a course Business Sense and Branding that can assist you step by step with this issue. Visit my website if you don't find the help you need with the other advice you have been given. Go to

We are all making shifts in education due to COVID. Due to the number of students and families deciding to do virtual learning from home, I would suggest market yourself as a virtual tutor, mentor, teacher, etc and set your own fees for accessibility.

You will have to train under someone who knows the process and is experienced in getting the foundation of paid engagements platform. To eliminate the guess work and to prevent spinning your wheels and the run around game, I suggest contacting Eric Anderson, and have a consult with him and then make your necessary moves for proceeding forward in your career. Best regards.

I would suggest first contacting an independent consultant for Financial Education Services. They have been instrumental in my community.

Speak with potential investors in your area. This is a crucial step in sustainability. You can do this by hosting a luncheon or connecting with local community groups like LION's Club or Rotary Clubs. This connection of networking is the best way to get potential funders on board. However, you must have your sales pitch ready and know how to sell yourself and your brand. Why would they want to fund your idea?

If you have computer skills and job experience, there is no excuse for you to be jobless. Usually people are out of work because they lack computer skills. I would suggest you look into higher education courses or starting your own business. Clearly, unemployment due to lack of skills is not your issue.

Consider hiring a PR. That way you can focus more on the business side of your business. There are many PR graduating out of college that would love to put their skills to work. Zip recruiter is a great place to start.

First start by focusing more into solutions and less on the problem. 59 years old is not old, it's just right for opportunity and experience. If you are not aware of your strengths and the things you do well, I suggest you visiting a local workforce or educational institution and ask for a career interest inventory. It would act as a guide to assist you in the types of careers that will best suit your personality and interest. If all else fails, being unemployed could be the perfect time for you to enroll in an adult education program and refresh or gain some new skills for the road ahead.

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