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From small businesses to fortune 500 companies, I consult with companies across the country and show them how to effectively hire for their open jobs through developing their employer brand and managing their recruitment advertising campaigns. With 6+ years of Account Management experience in the tech world, I know how to help you run a successful recruitment advertising campaign so you can hire faster, and find quality candidates.

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Are you still looking for ways to hire? If so, make sure you have a strong recruitment strategy on Indeed. Let me know if you'd like any suggestions on how you can optimize your account.

You should really consider hiring a salesperson, even if it's just part time. Bringing somebody in that knows how to pitch to executives or CV's would be a huge asset and allow you to get funding much faster.

My background is in recruitment and recruitment advertising. If you'd like so advice on how to find a salesman the cheapest and fastest way, I'd be happy to discuss with you in more detail.

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