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I am an ecommerce and web marketing guru, traffic growth expert, web business development mechanic and content strategist. I know how to speak to the media and get in front of them.

I am the strategic brains behind and I ran for three years and created the web video portal I've also hosted hundreds of TV episodes, written four books and won numerous awards.

I'm also an expert in web advertising, web video, affiliate programs, email marketing, seo and more.

Start with a half an hour and it'll be the best $75 you ever spent on yourself or your business.

Since starting on Clarity several years ago I have built three of my own ecommerce businesses - in cancer fighting fruit, technical manuals, and mental toughness training. All different all niche and all making good money. One business is grossing $10,000+ per month after launching less than a year ago.

I can teach you the secrets of how I did this and show you how you can apply the same strategies to your web business.

Start with one call and learn actionable tactics that you can put in play immediately to start making more money.

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Speak at events. Publish on the web. Start an email list to help people learn your techniques. Publish ebooks and give them away. Teach online courses. That'll keep you busy! Try And become an expert on

Ensure you register with Bing Webmaster Tools to submit your site map would be a good first step. This will show you that the pages are being crawled by Bing and that there isn't some hinderance to that.

If you are starting only with social media, become the best resource on social media for entrepreneurs. Share amazing tools, links to articles and blogs. Links on being an entrepreneur from your own inhouse blog. Tips, tricks, resources, infographics. Become the brand to come to for any resource on being an entrepreneur. Establish an "ask us" service where any entrepreneur looking for help can ask your social media presence a question and get a killer well-researched answer. Become like an information concierge. Share the answers with all your feeds. Build a library of Q&As. Follow amazing entrepreneur resources and retweet their stuff. Become the brand people know to go to on social media to become better entrepreneurs. You will build a following and a killer content library on your own foundation blog and attract traffic. Ok that's day 1. ;-) No seriously that would be what is to do. If you get expanded responsibilities beyond social media, say in SEO, email marketing and content marketing then give me a call. And we can talk about an expanded strategy. As you it may start with social media, but there is so much more to do to become effective.

Yes specialize, then develop great content on a blog around that specialty where you can draw an audience (How to get my marriage back on track; how to find my dream career; how to survive my teenagers powerfully) and capture email addresses and send great email that help people. Then sell them into an offer an video training course that focuses on solving 10 top top pain points of that speciality. And provide a moderated discussion forum. And give out weekly homework by email.

Design your own. There's a domain service called (owned by Tucows) where you can buy your own short domains and set up your own vanity shortener URLs on them. You can use .com or .net .info or any of the new extensions. I just set up as a shortener for our social links on our new business cards - We're Cyberwalker Digital (CWD) and so is the link we use on the cards to our Twitter account and for Facebook

determine what you are committed to. then take action, any action in the direction of your commitment. test and evaluate. check in with people who have been there before. test assumptions. test the market. redesign your actions. take more actions.

Yes, its the best way to get traffic to your site. Today's search engines reward you for great unique content about a niche. Google will reward your efforts if you produce good content that is better any one else in the niche as well as share it on social media. People who link to the content from their web site or through social media also show Google that it's valuable content and that will help your site show up higher in the search rankings. Google will also start to chck you site more frequently and daily posts show that the site is active and alive and of high quality for visitors.

Create stick, awesomey content on your site. Do it regularly. Share it on social media.
SEO it so it ranks and drive traffic. Drive everyone to your email lists. Provide ever better content via email. Make offers to engage every 10th send. Send more value that you ask for sales. Make your list content incredible so it is highly valued. close 5% to 10% of your list.

I would create two tiers.

One that's free and one that is "pro" that has a monthly or annual fee for access.

Depending on what you are providing you could offer a "super pro" marketed to businesses which gives them enterprise access to the content/services and charges a premium monthly fee.

Let anyone get limited access with a free account then establish a campaign to upsell people to Pro.
You will need to gate the pro content with a membership permissions system.

We have designed a few systems like this so if you want to chat book a 30 minute session and I'd be happy to walk you though details on how to go about it. Or help you think through your strategy.

There is no magic bullet here. But some of the new targetable ad channels are pretty affordable. Facebook, LinkedIn. I would test $100 and see what results you get. You also want to use content marketing and tie it to SEO. Optimize for "How do I find a good accountant" and provide top 5 tips on what to look for in an accountant. Good content will also draw traffic on Twitter and Facebook. Contests are also a good way to draw people in.

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