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I do not give advice.

Instead, I quickly improve your ability to generate solutions and results on your own. By helping you access more of your resourcefulness and clarity, you will have more choice for action and thus produce more powerful and dependable outcomes.

My client invest $15,000-$150,000 for long-term Creative Partnerships with me. [ ] As a way of demonstrating my work, I provide a maximum of two hours via Clarity at a rate of $5/min. Minimum call time 30 minutes.

If our work is powerful, I may invite you to speak further at no-cost to explore whether a long-term Creative Partnership may be appropriate. This is of course not required or expected.

Please know that my way of working is not for the faint of heart. My job is to serve you, not please you. I will be honest and direct with you. Expect tough love, new insight and high-impact.

Recent Answers

Scared shitless. Self-doubt. Poor sleep. Waking up with pangs of fear. Doubt I made the right choice to leave my job. Doubt. Doubt. Doubt and doubt.

The ups and downs will continue...for ever. The July thing that changes (if you stick with it) is you learn to enjoy the ride.

Forget 'self-promotion'. Stop focusing on your self and start focusing on others. Serve people you meet so powerfully that they never forget you for the rest of their life.

I have had lots of mentors and I've never asked.

The value a mentor gets is a good feeling that they are creating impact by spending time with you.

You give them this feeling by actually DOING the stuff they advise you to do or help you to see.

It's not often that someone actually takes advice and runs with it and comes back to say "Thanks, I did it. It gave me this result. Now I have another question..."

Forget strategy. Simple principles are all you need.

You're thinking way too big without enough action.

Planning a startup on the side as an employee will result in one thing - continued employment.

Get your feet on the ground. Make things happen. Create momentum.

What you WANT is the problem of having way too much happening and momentum towards success on the side that you simply won't be able to stay in your job.

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