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The first thing I would ask you is do you have the idea written down? Is your business plan clear to you and anyone you'd offer your service to? Do you have your goals and vision written down for your business? These are the first steps to consider. Once touce done all of that which is part of the business building process and also work. Begin to see if the business you have in mind firs the environment that your moving into. Is the city or nation your in a place that is conducive to business start up and development? What are the benefits of doing business in this place?
With the question your asking its important to think in the long term where are you going to end up, be settled and stable in?. Stability is key, there are ways that you can do part of your business wherever you are take baby steps and even earn a little income from it. For example being a consultant for your area of expertise, giving people advice for a fee. Then when it's time to move you can have some money in your pocket as well as experience. And once your settled work on the over all vision of your business. There is a lot to this question for further details on what are small steps you can take in your transition process. Feel free to reach out to me or contact me. Because there is a lot you can do where you are. But it's very detailed and tailored to your specific business. and it depends what your business is. Hope this helps

So the types of services you offer or considering are on demand and you can charge thousands of dollars for what you have in mind. When it comes to something you can grow over time that is any business. It all depends how much time and effort your willing to put in to your business. But as you stated its over time, don't quit your day job. As your starting up this business donit in the side and on your spare time. Then as business picks up little by little you can gradually begin considering doing your business full time. What you are asking are things that I do, I am a career consultant as well as business start up and entrepreneur consultant. Like I said it all depends on the effort and time you put in specifically on the things that brings a high return like, cold calls, contacting businesses, individuals that need the service you providing. And researching and contacting the decision makers in your target market.
The first 3 you mentioned are very profitable specifically web development, then video editing and instagram marketing in that order. From most profitable to least. And last nugget... it also depends on how you position your self as an expert in that market. And that takes a bit of time, personal development, and passion but its 100% possible. In bbn other words simply do the things you have to do to get your name up there. You should be the first person people think about when they ask for your service. I hope this helps enjoy.

When it comes to idea's, and this goes for every area of life. Unless it is patent or you have some legal rights to the idea or property. I would not recommend sharing it with anyone. Unless it's an individual you were able to build a trust and mutual respect with. If you will be speaking with someone who is not in the same line of work. But can offer you valuable insight that be great. This is something to consider other wise. You can hint at the idea. #1. Break down the vision or idea into certain goals. 2. You can use your goals as a point of focus to speak about instead of the idea in its totality. 3. As you gather information for each goal or point of focus. You can then put the pieces together.
Other wise you can continue doing research, look for someone you trust or know who has done something similar or has related experience in the field. If your information or product is not patent I don't see any guarantees that the idea or product will not be up for grabs. So disclose the information wisely. From your friend and consultant Celso Nolberto. At your service.

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