Joaquin CastellóEntrepreneurship + Family-Owned Business Mentor

INSPIRE, MOTIVATE and TRANSCEND through PASSION, GRIT (Persistence), EMPATHY, HUMBLENESS, ETHICS & CREATIVITY. Innovative, technology-driven & focused on adding value. 15-years proven experience on Sales, Product Design, Manufacturing and Cost-Effective + Lead Time-Efficient + High-Quality Asia/India/Mexico Supply. - 3rd generation & Managing Director of - Ernst & Young's 'Entrepreneur of the Year' 2013 - Finalist. - Member of Singularity University's 1st Abundance360 online group (2015). - 4 registered patents in Mexico. - Worldwide customers: Huawei (CN), 3M (USA), Claro (America), Anixter (USA), Senko (JP), Texas Instruments (USA), DS Laboratories (USA), Open Space Network (Silicon Valley). - “Success to Significance” experiences. - 'Scale & Speed' focus + 21st Century Mindset. Entrepreneurial projects in: Telecom, Electronics Tattoo Removal, Micro-satellites, Sharing/Renting Economy, Healthcare, Mezcal & Cannabis. Languages - ENGLISH & SPANISH During our mentoring sessions, I will METHODICALLY: 1. Save you TIME, ENERGY & RESOURCES, 2. CHALLENGE & Test your ideas, 3. SHARE & BUILD a NETWORK of VALUABLE connections. As my MENTEE you will: LEARN FROM the epic failures, hard-fought lessons, and pivotal moments that reinforce vision of others (myself included, of course). How fast the world is changing today towards `The Singularity'? - "The speed of change is accelerating… and every aspect of how we live our lives will change in the next decade. Every industry will be transformed… and how we raise our kids, run our companies and lead our nations will change as well. Exponential change will help us digitize, dematerialize, demonetize and democratize access to energy, transportation, education, health, knowledge and communications." - Peter Diamandis "Help young people. Help small guys. Because small guys will be big. Young people will have the seeds you bury in their minds, and when they grow up, they will change the world." - Jack Ma

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What IP do you need in your enclosure?
We manufacture thousands of enclosures per month, IP66-67-68 in ABS+PC, PVC, PC, PP + GF......
I definitely recommend new material for enclosures, which will keep your process parameters stabilized, as you will find many variations between 1 batch & another...
At the end, you don't know where does the recycled resin comes from, and if it had a lot of fatigue in it's 'past life'....

It all starts with the mold. If it has the right tolerances, product will come out OK, IF the manufacturing process is stabilized and controlled as well. Do a test run to validate data, and stick to the approved parameters. Measure parts once, per shift.
We use a CMM machine that has taken our headaches away!

I am developing an app in India, after doing a lot of research, I found a very competitive, serious, and experienced company.
Very satisfied with their professional service & results.

I would definitely recommend to patent, first do a search to see where you are standing.
What kind of prototype do you need: 3D printed, CNC machined? I normally go with 3D prototypes and, if the product is successful, build soft tools (which cost around 70% less than final molds). This allows you to test & improve your product according to market needs...

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