Steven AlagalaI am extraordinary.

5 years in music industry management -3 years in foreign exchange market management -8 years in National Housing construction,investor -10 years in legal firm,founder -11 years in waste water management,owner -16 years as lecturer in business and life development,attitude adjustment -6 years in teaching Fengshui and life balancing for Business entrepreneurs -4 years in National Industrial Committee and National Religion and Cultural Committee,House of the Senates in Thailand -Presently an advisor on several aspects for entrepreneurs,corporates and others

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Great question,
That depends on your business and products. For example,if you run a restaurant,then OMG ... open as soon as possible as New Year approaches. But if you offer financial service,I do not not think anyone would care, so remain close to save the ooerating cost until after New Year. Trust me, I have been in various businesses for the past 36 years.
Again,it all depends on your products and business nature.
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Regarding your question. Social Media Marketing is inexpensive,that's what it is meant to be. Nowadays, people find experiences through watching YouTube, blogs and several sources. However, if you want to swim,no matter how much you know about swimming,you need to jump in to learn the experience, so jump in and call Clarity when unresolvable problem arises,our experts have been through it before and will easily row you through the darkest storm. CHEERS!!!

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