Paul NiedererExperience and tools from 300 Capital raises

Paul has templated processes to raise the chances of getting the money you need to grow your business.

Paul's Fund and Capital Raising business is called Raiseworth. Raiseworth assists people worldwide to more effectively and compliantly raise money via the internet.

Paul's experience comes from operating the oldest equity or investor crowdfunding platform in the world. ASSOB. 8 years, over 300 raises and $145 million raised.

Recent Answers

After shepherding 300 equity crowdfunding raises through our platform I'd say all of them have a higher valuation. Reason is it is the entrepreneur that is calling the shots. It is the entrepreneurs offer on their terms on an equity crowdfunding platform.

Once you get outside investors involved shaping the deal the valuation will most certainly go down. Agreed it may then be more realistic as everyone believes their company is more valuable than it is.

My advice? Treat early investors fairly. Money is the lubricant to get your idea into reality. Give them a fair share of the business and they will reinvest when need be.

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