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My suggestion:
Look for a public contract. There's where the real money is.

I would add in the Do # 2, ask the employee to paraphrase what you're requesting. It's a common problem that people say that they understand what you say, and when the deadline comes, the result is not the expected. I call this practice "duplicate".


I have been working with freelancers for a while. Hope there tips help.

Start by considering these:
- always fix a price before starting a job
- leave most of the price to the end subject to results
- try to define a worksheet with predefined formulas so you just have to input the parameters and the totals are according to what you agreed
- make a table to define an schema of more work, less cost by the hour or unit
- define a confidential and non disclosure agreements before you begin
- arrange the way you are going to proceed in special situations like ending the job before it is completed

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