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I'm also advising you to do paid webinar (or even a series of webinars as an online workshop).

Include ALL benefits your app offers to users.

Don't worry about competition. If you did a good job, and developed something really good and useful, they can copy as much as they want. Quality is on your side.

First, congratulations!

This is a huge opportunity for you to learn and grow.

And no, you are not screwed, and not over your head. Obviously, you are at the right place at the right time. You just need to decide to become the right person.

I became a CMO of a web design company, without much experience and without any knowledge of web design space. And we are growing.

What you must realize is that you are NOT a marketer. With 14 people in your team (which is HUGE!), you are a leader of the marketing team.

What's the difference?

Well, now you don't do day-to-day tasks and tactics. You are creating an overall strategy, and define the steps with your team. The steps that THEY will put into action.

So, what you must do is to divide your team members into teams.
I'd go with:
1. Content team
2. SEO team
3. PPC team
4. PR team
6. Data team
7. Social media team

Then, define the overall strategies: what are the goals, what's the main focus, etc.

Then, with the leader of each team, define the strategy for content, PPC, SEO, etc.
Leave the how-to to them.

Your job is to lead them, guide them, and manage them.

If you want me to help you with this, we can schedule a call, and talk about this more detailed.

Good luck.

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