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Presentation is the second step , plan or preparation is the first step. Any person you meet , even for a sudden meeting in next 5 or 10 minutes , take few minutes to answer these 2 questions for yourself,
1. what is this persons background ?
2. what can i expect from him ?

Now you have framed the context and automatically your presentation will fit into it.

All the best !!

Asian Market is getting stronger now , people are getting more tech-savvy now and even technology is reaching to common people. So it definitely takes few more years(may be 10) to see a swift of Silicon Valley's legacy to the east.

An Idea itself has different states , you need to get a advice basing on existing state of your idea.
In case if you are in initial state, where you have this idea struck your mind and you have a plan at high level on how to implement it, you need to look for some one relevant to your product domain and brainstorm with him.
*Strictly don't approach any business guys with your idea in its initial state.
All the best !!

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