Ryan DeWittCreative, Strategic eLearning & Media Consultant

15+ years of professional Learning Development consultancy and advanced Multimedia experience delivering learning media projects on time and within budget in Pharma, Medical and IT. Ryan has a powerful combination of technical, project management and artistic skills, resulting from an undergrad degree in Engineering (Michigan State) and masters degree in Design (NC State) Raleigh.

He's got a decade+ of multimedia teaching experience utilizing innovative techniques to engage adults, high school and college students, resulting in consistently high satisfaction ratings from learners.

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There's a bounty waiting as your company grows beyond that one man startup but also a lot more stress. But it's that very Stress which will enable you to grow. So embrace it, buckle up and work your ass off.

1) I also suggest partnering with pros that need YOU and develop a service bartering agreement.
2) Network like hell for contractors before a job surfaces, it's usually too late to spec jobs and kick off projects safely.
3) Do only what you're GREAT at and this will afford you more time to work on projects.

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