Darin AlpertStartup, Mark Cuban invested, got acquired.

Launched a startup in 2012, Mark Cuban invested, got acquired in 2013.

I ventured into the entrepreneurial world in 2012 becoming the COO/majority partner of Find Me Gluten Free and turned it into a gluten-free household name and gained over 2,000,000 users. Negotiated a deal with Mark Cuban (Shark Tank/Dallas Mavericks owner) to advertise/invest in us and that led to a profitable acquisition of FMGF in July 2013.

I've been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine twice, sat on multiple panels about business and have worked with dozens of businesses in every category from tech, apps, consumer package goods to retail.

I'd love to help you with your strategy, marketing, dealing with investors, sales and partnerships.

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I would say probably not. The freemium model could work down the road but you need to build a community first before trying to charge for content. Happy to jump on a call. I built a community of 2,000,000 consumers on an app/website and sold the company profitably.

I used Twitter to drive app downloads and there is a very specific way to do it that will drive a lot of organic traffic. Let me know if you'd like to jump on a call and chat.

I completely disagree with Facebook ads. Whens the last time you went on to Facebook to look for a product to buy? Youre going to be product pushing and not solving a problem. You may pay more with Google but it will be more qualified leads. Let me know if youd like to discuss more. Ive got extensive experience in both FB and Google ads.

Why do you need safeguards at this point? You should be figuring out if there is even a demand for this. We did this with the app we launched and didnt have any problems. Let me know if youd like to discuss more. You shouldnt be wasting money on legal fees at this point.

I think you need to test everything and anything at this stage. You make think certain platforms work when in reality they dont and vice versa. Everything should be A/B testing at this point in the game. Let me know if you'd like to talk more.

I'd suggest a few different ideas, the way you word your messaging, etc is crucial. Let me know if youd like to hop on a call.

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