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Focused on creating, building and adapting processes in all of their forms. Trying to dial in so we all have the correct dose of detail in all the things that we do.

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Depends on how into the weeds you want to be, what your regulatory requirements are.

Close.Com works as a really good "all in one" CRM. I love a lot about the way that it works and it tracks calls.

I'm currently using Nutshell which works really well, with a couple of caveats (not texting) well.

For email, nothing beats ActiveCampaign for features, and ConvertKit for creating inside the platform.

It depends on where you're starting. I'd start with New Sales Simplified by Mike Weinberg. It's a great primer that teaches what's "possible" in places like this.

Then, I'd really try to get with client selection and balance activities between Salmon and Whales.

You want to find people that can grow, are in healthy categories, and that may take more effort to get the initial sale, but will have bigger opportunities once you're there.

I generally want to collect more information before giving either.

On a blog: content marketing is about building desire by demonstrating world class expertise.

So, let's do that FIRST. Let's not just throw our business card out like a Realtor at a Chamber of Commerce Happy Hour. Let's apply some discretion and really work hard to get our contact information in the hands of people that REALLY want us.

Blog Post--->Email List--->Application

These are top of funnel leads, and I think we go and get them as they are beginning the process of thinking of moving.

I would:

- Seek out a moving company for B2b moves.
-Seek to network with attorneys to see if you can gget them leads.
-Taget (ads wise) on Facebook familiar phrases for top-of-funnel work.

Generally, if you're not adding obvious value with:
-better processes.
-better accountability
-better results...

Well, then you DESERVE to have your clients poached by a highly committed, high-value provider.

So, it's not "just selling" it's delivering the full package. Value. Results. Care.

Do that, and then outsource as you can.

And vet EVERY provider.

First, I answer a lot of "what can go wrong' here:

Second, make sure someone has the right to remove someone else at a pre-negotiated fee and term.
Also, reach out - happy to talk.

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