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Bradley D. Brown, Brad is the CEO, President and founder of InteliVideo, a cloud-based white and private label video on demand platform. Brad was a TUSC founder. TUSC was sold to Rolta in 2008. Brad also founded IntelliReal in 2005, which was sold to Equifax in 2011. Brad worked for Equifax in 2012 and 2013. His vast experience and expertise have earned him roles as acting chief information officer of several companies over more than 23 years at TUSC. Brad has also served on numerous company boards. Brad is currently on the board of Enscicon and Reglara. Brad is the author of several best selling Oracle Press books and one Apress book on Android development. Oracle awarded Brad the honorary title of Oracle ACE Director for Fusion Middleware. Brad taught “New Venture Creation” at the University of Denver’s Daniels College of Business for 2 years. In 2009, his alma mater, Illinois State University put Brad into their first Hall of Fame for the College of Applied Science and Technology. Brad is currently a mentor in Founders Institute.

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After I sold my 2nd company (to Equifax) in 2011, like you, I was looking for a good way to capitalize on the knowledge I had. I'm a tech guy (i.e. developer). I worked for Oracle in the late 80s, then started an Oracle consulting firm (TUSC) which we sold in 2008. With TUSC I travelled to Oracle Users Groups around the world presenting on various topics. I wrote 6 technical books from 1997 through 2010. So I was interested in continuing to share the knowledge I had.

In 2012 I started InteliVideo ( to help provide an excellent way to make a passive income. We help people sell their digital products...from audio books to video lessons and more. We hear stories every day from our customers about how they are making an amazing passive income with our platform. It's SO much easier than writing a book and provides more information and a better learning opportunity for my customers.

Best of luck with your passive income journey. It's a great dream that can become reality!

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