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I don't want to link-bait, but I did write a blog post about the best crowdfunding practices.
I think there is a few good steps.

- Find your best competitor. (how did they succeed)
- Where does your market exist online. (reddit, facebook, instagram, specific blogs, etc)
- Create a trailer & landing page and try getting press aimed at your specific audience.
- Launch the Kickstarter with hype & have a marketing plan + press ready. With those you could easily hit $20k.

Here's the blog link if it will be helpful.

Most definitely. I actually highly recommend it so that you can collect emails before launching. This can be done through creating a beautiful landing page with content. Depending on your press approach, you could email writers or hire a PR firm.

I've hired a bunch of experts on Elance and oDesk. Just create a submission and guess what you think the qualifications are. Once you have responses you can see reviews from people before hiring them. You could also send messages before hiring them.

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