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Develop a manual process and take notes. Once you've had a little bit of success, hire a virtual assistant and provide them with a standard operating procedure with the types of jobs to reply to, language to use, etc.

Trying to build technology around an ever-shifting business model is super tricky.

Finding reliable help is also a common challenge.

You should talk to an attorney.

Stripe Atlas could also be a good starting point.

It's low-tech but I'd start at conferences and events. It's easier to build trust face-to-face and you'll have a concentration of like minded people in one place.

From there I'd expand to online outreach via email and LinkedIn.

Partner with SaaS e-commerce and website builders (Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, SquareSpace, etc).

Web hosting companies are always looking for add-on services to differentiate themselves in a crowded field as well.

Word-of-mouth from clients is the gold standard, but you can also get referrals from your peers.

In-person is great (albeit not super scalable) way to get momentum.

Another good source of leads is to become an "official partner" for a specific provider. This depends on your industry but channel partnerships can be a good source of leads.

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