Scott "Snerdey" LawrenceMan of my words, 40 years of business experience.

I own and operate 11 businesses online. Started with an online directory in 2004 for 1 small town. Now we serve the USA and working on our Global Reach.

I've tried over 300 affiliate programs, offers and it's really hit or miss. If you're going to commit, work hard then promote your own website, project or business. You'll thank me later!

Reached the # 4 affiliate worldwide for a website selling services globally. I also held the #2 spot in USA. Over $10 million in sales since 2004 remotely even while on the beach. Call me a digital nomad, I'm ok with that.

Expanded our services over the past two decades to include custom websites, litespeed hosting, software development, online advertising, marketing, graphic design and branding plans for success.

If you can handle honest, no bs consultations then hit me up. I'm an idea guy, show me what's going on then I'll advise on the spot. Working with 500 team members over the years, that business sold for 100m yeah, I'm a priceless.

The price on Clarity max is $1k, alrighty then. Let's put my photographic memory to work for you.

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Easy, give him the freedom to go after clients his way as it's worked for him in the past. As for the commission, base that on the amount of the sale with a scale so it's fair to you both. Commission only is rough, get to know your sales people personally. At times, a small base pay is good to keep their bills paid, gas in the car, travel etc.. as people need to eat and take care of family.

The base is purely for a limited time, like say 3 - 6 months as they are working for you. Don't micro manage, just each week have 1 on 1 meetings to know the progress and adjust since you do not want to repeat the same approach that's not working.

As the sales increase, start reducing the base then eventually remove the base as they are on their feet. It's also normal to provide advances to good salespeople and deduct from the pay in stages.

The main thing, be fair to you both.

I've experienced this for over 20 years as a salesmen, owner and investor in people. If you have specific questions or want to know more? I'm more than happy to advise, let's connect as I just joined and ready to assist you and others.

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