Yazin SaISold a Middle East Startup. Ex-GE, Lean Black Belt

After graduating with a BSc in Computer Engineer (1st class honors) at 19, I spent 5 years at GE - most recently as Quality Manager for the Middle East & Africa. Then I quit after winning 1st place at a Startup Weekend.

First startup failed (@printbh), second startup sold (@canvasbh) and now I'm busy working the 3rd.

I can NOT help you if:
- You're retail/offline. Online businesses only.
- You do not know what you want.
- You want me to tell you how great you are.

My strengths:
- Technology. Being a computer engineer means I get both hardware (how to build things) and software (how to make them do what you want them to).
- I say it like it is. Don't expect any tiptoeing around delicate feelings. If you can't deal with it, this isn't going to work.
- Explaining complex stuff in simple terms.

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