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Looking for expert advice on Data, AI, GenAI, or Data Science? Or trying to understand or adopt LLMs like GPT4, ChatGPT, LLama, Dall-E or Midjourney? I would love to speak with you.

I am a startup cofounder and CEO with 20+ years of experience helping businesses improve products and achieve growth using data science, AI, GenAI, and machine learning. I have used data science to solve problems in online marketing, e-commerce, SaaS, gaming, and other domains. I help individuals and businesses understand data science and develop a winning strategy using data and AI.

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This is an interesting but open ended question. It would depend on what kind of graphic designs the AI has to automate.

I am interested to learn more!

If I understood it correctly, you certainly have collected some useful data that can be valuable.

Organizations like Kelly Blue Book, J.D. Power and Associates and Consumer Reports are possible buyers.

Another thing that comes to mind is creating a consumer website where prospective car buyers can research which make and model are better from the cost of ownership perspective.

Same applies to people looking to buy new tires. Moneyball for tires?

The product looks interesting. Have you tried posting it to gaming forums? Reddit? If not, I would start there.

I would suggest you to reach out to bloggers that cover gaming and technology.

One thing I noted is that your entry level backing starts at $45. It helps to have lower level backing so that your campaign trends higher in Kickstarter.

I see two important players missing in the answers already provided so I wanted to add them here.

If you are planing to embed charts in your website and are fairly comfortable with programming, consider d3.js which is a very versatile visualization tool.

If you need to analyze data and create interactive dashboard to visualize the data that you have using minimum programming, consider Tableau which has both server and desktop editions.

Yes, exactly what Twilio is capable of. If you need it for just your business, this can be done using simple scripts. Routing is actually the easy part. Voicemails are a bit more involved but they have you covered:

Knowledge (of algorithms, statistics, fundamental principles), Creativity (in solving problems) and Experience (in wrangling data, writing code). Different people different combinations of these so you will have to trade-off.

Dan asked experts in his network to donate 1 hour of their expertise to help others as his birthday gift. Thats how Clarity was born!

Clarity CEO Dan Martel explains this in his blog post "From a Birthday Wish to $1.6M in funding"

This has been discussed many times before and rather than repeating a lot of those things here, I will direct you to one of the best resources on this topic.

Clarity CEO Dan Martel recently released a video "Raising Capital Like a Pro" that covers most things you need to know about fund raising. Here is the link:

Have you thought about handing out coupons to these partners with unique Coupon Codes for each partner? While your barcode idea is similar, the coupon could motivate prospective customers to value the referral even more.

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