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I have worked in the corporate setting for a wide array of companies for over 10 years. This has allowed me to gain very valuable knowledge in several fields and also has given me the high level of professionalism that I carry with myself. I have held positions of many titles ranging from, but not limited to: CAD Drafter, Estimator, Office Mgr, Project Mgr,Sales Assoc/Rep. Real Estate Agent, and a few others. My immediate goal is to position myself with a well establish Real Estate company, with a proven record of sales to start my growth in the Real Estate industry. Then I will focus on the successful start of my own Real Estate company MACG REAL ESTATE GROUP, LLC. This will help propel and fund many of the entrepreneurial ventures I will be investing in to expand my growth.

Specialties: All Microsoft office software. Great verbal communication skills, self motivated and an unwavering sense of professionalism. AutoCAD2000 and all current versions. Architectural Desktop 2003, commercial and residential projects, kitchen design, exterior rendering,

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A major factor why a lot of start up businesses fail, is because most entrepreneurs find it hard to make the transition from having a hobby to running a business. Most often do not pay enough attention to properly setting up the business, which leads to problems in the long term. A properly structured business and a well executed plan will almost always ensure a successful outcome.

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