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Locate services? Google map.. there is also Google My Business... scraping would do.. but in generating spreadsheet.. you can do it manually or maybe using python..

This question happens to many people including me. I have made a wise decision before amidst a confused situation. Similarly, my wife also had experienced this kind of situation, again this is not unusual but rather commonly happens to us all. In my book "Wise Decisions", I have clarified my thoughts on what to pursue despite its negative feedback or positive one. Yes, its risky for you but the thing is what your fear is not yet happening. What if after you made a decision to accept the higher position and in turn the law school feedback is positive. I am just wondering why this would have a negative impact on you (I am not a lawyer though). But as a life coach and personal experience, taking a risk only happens to a few people. I am not saying that you should consider promotion or the other thing. Its confusing, and I have been there. At this point, you should clarify your goals. Whether it contributes to your whole plan or else disregard it. My closing tip is to ask yourself again and again, "Is this what I really wanted?" Will this help me achieve my goal?"
Should you have further questions, I am just a call away.

Alright, the two experts have answered your question. I have a blog and also looking for additional income stream like offering a meditation music. I have download some free MP3 out there and also i have a friend who is an SEO expert. He takes care of my digital presence. When it comes to marketing, I have experience in Bing Ads as I have done before. But paid marketing is the last option considering that you have traffic. Its not that hard. In terms of revenue share, as an affiliate marketer, my simple advice is to register yourself in ecommerce sites like ClickBank, and other popular sites that offer your products. Clickbank is paid. With this, you can set an a specific commission to your affiliates. If you want, then a joint venture partner. But I guess, affiliates can do more with you. Just provide them high commissions. Usually, CB commissions are 75% of the sale that goes to the affiliates. And you are not only dealing with one (1) affiliate, there are thousands of affiliate willing to promote your meditation program. Should you have any questions or interested in partnership. Hit me a call.

I have read the answers here and all of them are correct. I just would like to add some ideas. Create your own seminar. Education-Based Marketing will help you introduce yourself without selling. Educate, inform the audience on a hot topic in your niche. Subtly, you can share information that would lead to somehow introduce your product. Its a teaser. Online marketers do this, and to do it offline is through EBM.

First of all, you have to start from your passion. (What do you like most where on the process of creating a blog, you will not get bored as you progress in your goal. Second, consider the demand and competition. This is also debatable. Because it doesn't mean its not in-demand, there is less competition. So, best idea is to search for keywords related to your niche and analyze which is profitable niche. Targeting in-demand has high competition. If you are just starting out, better target those in-demand with less competition so to rank immediately (not quickly). I suggest you use a software to analyse the keyword competition. There are plenty out there. (Google it!). Also, keywords are relevant to rank and get notice, but still you have to satisfy the readers and establish your credibility first. (There is no overnight success in creating a successful blog). You have to work it out. In any niche, your dedication matters. Reach out other bloggers, do guest post, comment, etc. Be active in social media, to name a few that you need to do. Looking forward to your success!

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