HASSAN LUQMANI am a finance expert.

Education: Bsc in Economics second class upper division
Experience: Midterm
Skill: consulting, typing, business analysis

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You have already begun the journey and stop asking about the question on how do I get the money to grow. Ones you keep to the details and the demand of that little business of yours, opportunity will surface no matter how little it may be. Consistency regardless of the size of one's capital, brings about success. Note, to be highly successful or grow a business to a revered level, one has to keep adequate record of all transactions. Call me.


A travel business needs properly thought out plans if one wants to recouoall the money, energy and expectations one has or will invest in it. Getting stranded and bereft of ideas are common place in this sort of business if one fails to do is paper work properly. Call me I will tell you more.

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