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Complementing what has been said:

- Demonstrating your capabilities and what you are doing in your current job through a platform like LinkedIn
- Consulting platforms like Alphasights, the Gerson Lehrman Group, Thirdbridge, etc.
- Writing thought leadership papers and publishing them in blogs or others

Hope it adds to the answers already provided. If anything else, please, let me know. Happy to help

I could provide some feedback about the main questions, however I can not answer the follow up question because I do not know about construction. What I could tell is that construction materials and design affect the 'sustainability" of a business. To manage the energy consumption of a building there are "mainly" two variables: the design of the building (lay out, materials, location, orientation, etc.) and the active energy management that you do once the building is up and running (light control, temperature control, energy generation (by the building, through, for instance, solar panels), etc.). The goal of any building is at least to be energy balance zero (energy consumption = energy generated). However if a building can generate more than what it consumes, even better, because the remaining energy can be sold to the market or to microgrids. Hope this helps.

Find the first customer, develop a strategic relationship with him and commit to each other (secure one customer), develop based upon his needs (keep a common development core and customize based upon this customer), find a network of experienced business people -readily available now- to mentor you (pro-bono or with future stakes) and provide you market access (the second customer). You can do it. It is not about more people, but taking one step at a time. Secure the first customer -what will provide you reassurance about value creation, value realization and value capture- and the rest will come. Hope this helps.

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