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1.Use good platforms
2.Use your diary of contacts to reach you whether its online or offline
3. Be active on Quora
4. Facebook groups are the best platforms they have great power. Join groups with following and get directly engage with people
5. Do ask for referalls . Referrals can be a great way to get clients . do ask your clients to refer you to people if you are good people would definitely recommend you
6. Run your ads on social media / google adworks . Even you have a small budget you can reach a great number of audience
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My recommendation is firstly sell through a good known site that is accepted and used globally . E bay , amazon are the best sites to sell your product because people are aware of this site and trust them
Secondly create a social media platform and get your product known by people
You can do this by paid advertisements , promoting your product through blogging like ( you can send it to bloggers that are best known in their countries )
Selling from your own platform would be more good as you will be in direct contact with your your customers and clients and will be able to know their reviews and requirement
If you need any help feel free to contact me

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