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I've been the Head Of Strategy for a Digital Advertising Agency. Being a Digital Marketing Consultant & CRM specialist, my job is to help you observe the market, the category, and the product and see how they fit together. Nothing makes me happier than diving deep into research and culling out insights. Here’s one for you : For every 10 people searching ‘candy’ or ‘chocolate’ on You Tube, there are 100 searches for ASMR and this is also one of the biggest, most underrated trends of 2019-20.

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I've had the opportunity to develop marketing strategies for various e-commerce portals offering similar kind of services.

Bitter truth : there are 1000s of service providers like that. Some even offering Jets on trial basis! It can't get more high-end than this.

Alternatively : You could create a better impact by narrowing your choice of items (and thus creating a niche for your business), complimenting your offering with value add services and/or creating FOMO through exclusivity (Ex: get to use latest model 3 days before official launch)

I'd be happy to help you further over a one-on-one discussion and devise a more robust plan of action.

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